11 September 2012

My want list.

In all fairness and to be precise, I cannot call it my "wish" list anymore. Wishing is hoping for something that is practically unattainable, I think; something that many people think would take magic for it to come about. And since I don't believe in magic (SHH! don't tell...), I guess I can't have a 'wish' list in good conscience, can I? So I've changed it to my want list. And here is what I want:

These bowls are so beautiful - I just love the blue inside the bowl and the clean white on the outside.

These doily coasters are just lovely!
I wouldn't have to worry about my daughter breaking these, as I am about the ones we have now...

I have wanted these earrings for about 2 years now.
They are just brilliant. I just love the messy balls of silver.

I even know where I want to hang this in my home!

What is on your want list?

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