30 November 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide :: Doctor Gus

I received one of Doctor Gus's fork pendants (#4) in the mail a few months ago, and I've got to say, it's the piece that I get the most comments about. Just look at it: it's an octopus-like creature made from a fork! Super unique! I call him "Dr. Fork-topus". Alexander calls him "Dr. Fork-octopus" lol

1. Spoon Ring - $9.99
3. - Spoon Earrings - $11.99
4. Fork Pendant - $10.99
6. Fork Necklace - $39.99
7. Spoon Bracelet - $19.99

Head on over to Doctor Gus and pick out the gift you want to give this year!

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29 November 2012

Love my sponsors!

This month's sponsors are a great group of people. Here is a way for you to get to know them beyond the wonders of their shops.


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? These eco-friendly wool slippers. I love how she uses recycled fabrics for her work.

What is your favourite memory of the holiday season? Not sure if I can pick a specific memory. Most of my Christmas' from childhood on were busy family filled events. They still are and I look forward each year to another Christmas spent with family.


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? This is my favorite item on Etsy. It is full of whimsy, excitement, innovation and recycled parts.

What is your favourite memory of the holiday season? I have so many favorite memories of Christmas, that is it like a photo album when I look back. The memory of school Christmas plays, family gatherings, caroling, snow, no snow, favorite gifts, Christmas eve service or midnight mass, food, cookie decorating, I would have to say one part of each of these memories would be family. That is my favorite memory of the Christmas season for me is remembering family.


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? I love this shop. I just everything she makes. She's become a friend of mine from doing so many fairs together, and also from being one of her most faithful customers.

What is your favourite memory of the holiday season? Favorite memory: I was 5 years old. I remember waking up early Christmas morning and accidentally catching my mom placing the presents but she played it off like she was just checking to see what Santa brought me. I opened the biggest box first and it was an NES!! I built a fort from the couch cushions and pillows, and played Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt from within the fort. The greatest Christmas morning ever.


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? My husband recently bought this for me and I absolutely love it! I bathe in it lol, the scent is subtle and just beautiful.

What is your favourite memory of the holiday season? Back in December of 2007, I suspected I was pregnant... I waited to take the test Christmas morning... it was positive. :) Best Cristmas ever!


What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? My friend Janine makes these amazing earrings and over half of my jewelry is by her. She's just an amazingly talented artist!

What is your favourite memory of the holiday season? When I was still living at home with my dad, my favorite holiday memory was driving around and looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. My boyfriend now humors me by doing this and realizes it's very important to me to have holiday traditions!


I have loved getting to know each of you better this month! Thank you for your cooperation in making this post a reality, despite your very very busy lives! :)

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28 November 2012

Some things that feel like Christmas

Can you look at something and immediately feel that Christmas spirit? I know I can - it can happen in the middle of the year, but I see or hear or smell something, and I'm immediately humming Christmas carols and tunes. Here are a few things that make me think of Christmas.

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What You Made 43

This past week has been very busy with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale this past weekend. So I haven't made anything. boo. But I have a piece of leather that I haven't used for a journal before, and I'm ready excited to work with it.

But I did make a Christmas banner for my Etsy shop:

I'm a big believer in saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays". It's important to me, since the celebration this time of year was originally intended to recognize the birth of Jesus. So I say Merry Christmas. *I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes, but this is just what I believe.*

Anyhoo! Last week's most viewed link was of this lovely cowl by Sparrow Kelly:

Here are other products in Sparrow's shop:


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27 November 2012

Handmdade Gift Idea :: Felt Alphabet Set

Those of us who have children would be so lucky to receive a set of handmade felt letter for Christmas. I was hoping to make some for my niece and nephew, but we'll see how much time I have... if not this year, then next year. They don't look like they would be too difficult to make. Maybe I'll blog about my experience with trying to make a set. What am I saying? Of course I'll blog about it! lol

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide :: Crochet Gallery

Sabina's shop, Crochet Gallery, is another one of my favourite Etsy shops; I love her cowls, and the quality of her work is outstanding - I wear one of her cowls every day to work, and I can't wait to get my next one!
1. Camel Cowl - $38
4. Taupe Cowl - $26
6. Deep Red Cowl - $38

Isn't the selection just amazing??! I love it! I look through her shop very often. Head on over to Crochet Gallery and see all of Sabina's crocheted items.
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26 November 2012

Featured Artist :: Snappy Rockfish Soap

Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook | Blog

I think soap has to be one of my favourite things to purchase - I have so many bars of soap, the bathroom where I store them smells heavenly with all the different scents I have. What caught my eye about Snappy Rockfish Soap was the name. I mean, who wouldn't take a second look at a shop called "Snappy Rockfish" anything? Here are a few of my favourite soaps from this shop:

And I just love the picture of this packaging - each bar is individually wrapped, and it looks so bright and colourful!

Head on over and find your own favourite soap!

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24 November 2012

Wishing for warmth + a sponsor call

This is really weird, but I am actually longing for the heat to come back. I'm usually a winter girl, and I prefer to put layers on instead of wishing I could take all my clothes off because it's so hot.

Hence the photo. This is when we went to Joy Bible Camp in August this past summer, and it was really hot. My dream. lol

The holidays are a great time to purchase some advertising - the rush of holiday shoppers, searchers of DIY ideas for the holidays, and holiday decor ideas. And Trees.Hides. will be FULL of that all throughout December! I will be continuing my popular handmade gift ideas series, continuing my handmade Christmas series, and posting some serious bling about my sponsors!

Now, if that sounds good to you, take a look at the stats too:

Trees.Hides. has over 1800 followers via
GFC, Bloglovin, Linky Followers, Hellocotton, Twitter,
Facebook, and my fabulous newsletter.
Pageviews have increased by 21% from last month.

If you're interested in more information about sponsoring my blog, head on over to the sponsor page, where you will find information about the ad space options, giveaway options, and how to purchase your ad space - it's super easy, but if you have any questions, just email me!

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23 November 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide :: Julie Ellyn Designs

This is for the jewellery lover in your life (that would be me!). I love Julie's shop; the craftsmanship involved in each of these pieces is perfection!

As you can see, there is something for everyone. Head on over to Julie Ellyn Designs and pick up you favourites!

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22 November 2012

Featured Sponsor :: Recycled and Resewn

I love how Teresa can make so many beautiful items with recycled sweaters! Her talent is truly awesome, and she's Canadian too! You'll learn more about her later this month, but until then, here is a teaser of her awesomeness:

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Black Friday Sale - 20% OFF

That's right, dear readers, I'm having a 20% off sale this coming weekend, from Black Friday until the end of Cyber Monday. This is the biggest sale I hold all year round, so if you want to pick up one of my journals or accessories, you'll want to do that now!

Click here to go shopping!

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21 November 2012

What You Made Link-Up 42

I was able to make a few journals and things during the days that Alexander and Isabel were sick. Here is my favourite one:

I really love the speckled leather, and the two-toned colour is just awesome! I have a bit of this leather left, so I'm hoping to make a couple more journals and even an iPhone case with it (if there is any left over!)

Last week's most viewed link was this beautiful crocheted blanket from Chocolate Dog Studio:

There are so many things I love in Karen's shop, but here are my favourites:


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