06 September 2012

All Ready for School!

I leave for work at 8:00 a.m., so I knew I needed to get a picture of Alexander all ready for school earlier. Which is why he is not wearing shoes.

But here he is, all ready to go! He is wearing his Buzz Lightyear backpack (which holds an extra pair of clothes - just in case), and he is holding his frog lunch bag.

For first snack: yogurt and digestive cookies
For lunch: fish crackers, cheese
For second snack: apple sauce and digestive cookies

This is much less than what he ususally eats during the day, but hopefully he will be too busy playing to notice if he gets hungry - sometimes I think Alexander asks for food when he's bored at home, not necessarily hungry.

I hope everything goes well today.
I really wish I was there with him, but Jeff is there, and that is almost as good.
Trees Hide

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