06 September 2012

My growing love of fashion. look out, hubster!

Everyone who knows me well will know that I have this "thing" for purses. I don't think I will ever tire of finding new designs and shapes and sizes and colours that I love. And Jeff, bless his dear heart, he is trying to hold me back. But I'm wilier than he is. lol


But now, I have started gaining a larger appreciation for shoes and how they can complement or complete an outfit. Now, I'm really not that adventurous of a dresser (example: right now, I'm wearing black dress pants, black socks, black shoes and a fuschia top). See? Sort of boring. And the rest of my clothes aren't much different.

But with reading all these fashion blogs, and sewing blogs, I'm gaining some interest in fashion, and more specifically, in refashioning clothes. My new favourite blog is cotton&curls. Lizzie's style is so awesome, and she's got SUCH awesome hair! The tutorials she writes up are really pretty easy-looking too! I just have to find the time to learn how to sew on my gramma's old sewing machine...

Anyways, here are a few of my favourites - ones that I would like to try - from cotton&curls.
And tell me you're not inspired!

Trees Hide


  1. Love the pencil skirt outfit!! I am addicted to shoes and as a nurse NEVER have an opportunity to wear the many pairs I own. I actually vacuumed in heel the other day just because I felt like wearing a pair. The things we do. I actually enjoyed vacuuming. I think I may do dishes in heels today :)

    1. I was going to comment that I probably won't ever do the dishes in heels, but I think the other morning I did start on dishes while I was waiting for my carpool, and I was wearing my heels that day... :)


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