30 September 2012

I think I just went crazy.

Yeah, the title sums this post up very nicely. I just registered Jeff and I for a 5K run in November. I know! I'm crazy. I've never run a 5K before. Sure, I was on the track team in school, but that was when I was 13 years old (and let's face it, I was only a sub). So I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about it.

Road 2 Hope 2011 runners (via)

But it's for a very good cause. We're running the Road 2 Hope run, and the registration fee goes to "The Joy and Hope of Haiti", which I hear is a good cause. But what really excites me about this race, is that the money that I will be raising for my race through sponsors will be going to a small villiage in the Dominican Republic called Cotui, where $100 will send a child to school for a year! Isn't that totally worth it? The students are given a school uniform, one meal a day, and full day education.

This is such a great mission, since Cotui is such a poverty-stricken village in the DR, and so many of the families there can't afford to send their children to school, so the cycle of poverty is rarely broken. But by supporting them, we can help break that cycle, and breathe hope into someone's situation - and that just really touches my heart, and I feel the need to do something. 

So knowing this, I'm sure that the 35-45 minutes of sheer agony will be worth it, knowing that I am able to make a difference in some child's life.

I hope you know that I'm not asking you to sponsor my run, but if you feel led to, you can go here to do so. Thanks,
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  1. all the best! start with walk can be a good help :)


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