16 September 2012

In my studio :: new product lines!

I've been working on these for quite a while. It didn't take me long to make them, but I spent a couple of weeks testing them, making sure they are durable enough to last through the rigors of the day. I even had Isabel play with them, and they survived! So I figured they were ready to be launched.

You got it! Hand-bound book earrings. I had made a pair for myself a little while ago, and I really like them. People notice them, ask me about them, and it gives me an opportunity to tell people what I enjoy doing.

I have also made some leather book key chains, all different sizes.

They are a fun and easy way to cart a book by The Orange Windmill around with you.

You can now find both new lines in my Etsy shop.

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  1. Those earrings are so very cute and I am in love with mine! xxx


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