26 September 2012

In my favourites.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy showing you guys the things that I love! I just keep finding new things to share with you, and I think it's awesome. Here are today's items that are in my favourites on Etsy.

I just love this sign! It looks like it's saying "Nerd St". It reminded me immediately of Emma from The Written Nerd, who is a huge nerd.

These earrings are completely perfect for me! They compliment my clothing style pretty well, and so I had to add them here.

This dress/skirt is just AWESOME! I love absolutely everything about it. And the fact that it can be a dress or a skirt just blows my mind! A definite want!

I know these bowls are completely impractical for me, since Isabel would break them all in about 5 minutes. But I just love the colours used, and there is a subtle pattern, which you can see in the photo; it just makes this set of bowls so beautiful!

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