28 February 2013

One of my favourite things about winter is all the accessories you can use to keep you warm. Here are some of my favourites:
This woman looks like she's about to fall over, the scarf looks so heavy!

I can see these being used as bridesmaids gloves in a winter wedding.

These look so comfy!

Poofy hats look much warmer than normal hats, I wonder if it's true...
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My kids are just too adorable. I know.

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26 February 2013

Meet My February Sponsors!

What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? This was my (Frenchie) first favourite on Etsy a couple years ago and it is still the product I go back to every time I say to myself, “what do I want to splurge on?” It is my style to a “T”, but it’s a jacket you’ll never find in stores around here. I can’t wait to buy it someday.

What do you want to get the most out of 2013? In 2013 we really want to push ourselves with creativity. We want to have signature fragrances--ones that people can’t figure out, but can’t get enough of. We want to be “the candle couple” to those local to us, and to really place ourselves up above the competition. We’ve both always believed that if you aren’t working towards improvement, you aren’t working hard enough. 

What is your favourite item on Etsy right now? This embroidered plush dove made by Olivia from Poofy Dove is so wonderful, hundreds of tiny stitches making up his feathery appearance. Just love this bird!

What do you want to get the most out of 2013? To be more organized; I want to find the balance between work and family, and to be debt free.

So, obviously, you're not on Etsy. So my first question for you is what has been the most successful thing in helping you gain a healthier lifestyle? Setting goals and being committed to being healthy, working out pretty much every day, and committing to knowing that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet - which is something you start to get certain results, and it ends once you get the results you want. Keeping this in mind every single day is what has helped me; it keeps my "eye on the prize" so to speak. It's a lot of hard work, but it's totally worth it!

Looking at your website, I see that you have already met some of your own fitness goals. Can you tell me about them? The goal I am working towards right now is losing 100 lbs in one year. I'm at 98 lbs down now, and February 28 is my "due date". Your readers will be able to check back with me next month, to see if I've met that goal!

And, like all these other sponsors, you are a small business owner. What do you want to get the most out of 2013? I want to be able to help as many people as I possibly can to lose weight, live healthier lives, and touch people's lives in a positive and inspiring way. People only get one body, and if they take care of it now, the less "maintenance" (prescriptions, doctor's visits, hospital visits, etc) they will have to do later on!

There you go! February's sponsors. Aren't they awesome??!

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25 February 2013

Featured Artist :: wassup brothers

I have been following Olga's shop for a long while now, and I fall in love with each and every one of her pieces - just look at how cute they are!! I'm also following her on Facebook, which is really fun, since she posts pictures of her just-completed work, pieces in progress, and even photos of her pieces in their new homes after they have been purchased! Here are a few of my favourites:

Now boot your butt on over to her shop and have some fun!

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23 February 2013

Featured Artist :: floating specks

Nick and Nikki are a husband and wife team who run this shop. Isn't it adorable!!? Here are a few of my favourites:

Be sure to visit their shop!

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22 February 2013

Working in my industry (accounting) can be really stressful, especially this time of the year. I am processing T4s for our clients (a W-2, for my American readers), and this is the first year I'm doing it; and honestly, I'm not sure why I'm even doing it. At the end of every day, I feel like my brain is going to implode, and some of the time, I just want to lay down and cry. But I can't completely complain. The end of February will end soon, and then comes the two months of the T1s (the individual tax returns). I'm assuming my brain will be able to take a rest at that point, since I'm assembling them, not processing them - I am an Administrative Assistant, after all.

Anyway, after all of that, I need to just relax and rest my brain. And these are the kinds of images I have been collecting recently. And I noticed that many of these images (well, okay, all of them) are really rustic. I think I found my "style".

1. Bathtub Caddy - This is lovely, but I can't honestly see myself using them, because I can't sit still long enough to just lay in the tub. Unless maybe I had some tea and a good book. Then the caddy would be necessary.

2. Mint heart magnets - I just love the colour, and the pattern on the hearts. so darling!

3. Rustic Serving Tray - I would love to receive breakfast in bed on this tray. Okay, maybe when we have no kids in the house, or at least once they are old enough to want to sleep in...

4. "Platform by the sea" original painting - I love everything about this painting: the wood floors, the gorgeous colours of the waves... beautiful!

5. Carlson Skirt - This entire picture just oozes "calm" to me. Just sitting back, with your legs over the arm of the chair; possibly napping or just relaxing while contemplating the deeper things in life...

6. Antique Wood Boat - I can totally imagine Jeff and I slowly floating down the river in this boat (if it were bigger), with Jeff paddling, and me with one hand in the water, tracing the ripples that the edges of the boat makes as we drift down the lazy river... mmm....

7. The Lather's Bed - It looks so comfy and rustic and cozy; I just want to sink into its covers and drown into sweet unconsciousness (sleep)...

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21 February 2013

Resolution number two :: results part two

Remember when I talked to you a bit about my results from resolution number two?
Well, I submitted my results with the company, and I got a free t-shirt!!! how awesome is that??! and the best part about it is the t-shirt is a MEDIUM. yup, that's right. a medium.
who'da thunk it?!

By the way, my hair, as you must have noticed, is really drab. Any suggestions?

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Featured Sponsor :: Friendly Fire Candles

I think I may have just found my new favourite thing on Etsy!!! Just as good as searching for that perfect bar of soap, searching for candles is just as exciting!!! And the pictures really help, since the props are a symbol of what scent the candles are - yummy!!! Here are a few of my favourites:

I can't wait to try one of them; I just can't decide which one to try first! Any suggestions?!

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20 February 2013

What You Made Link-up 51

I have been battling with germs again this week; although this time it's Alexander. vomitting, and now a rash. Perhaps it's measles, I'm not entirely sure. But enough about my dreadful week.

Last week's most viewed link is this cute mini book by Notional Notions. I gotta say, though, I find it a little weird - but totally cool - that the most viewed link from last week was a handbound book, knowing that I make them too!

Here are a few of my favourites:

I seriously love the way the coptic stitch binding looks (that's the style of binding of the two books, in case you are unaware), and I just LOVE her prints!!!


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19 February 2013

Sponsor Awesomeness

Here is a gallery of some of the awesomeness of this month's sponsors.

Click on their buttons on the right column of my blog to see their shops.

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18 February 2013

Featured Artist :: little byrd vintage

I have found so many favourites in this little shop! It's a wonderful shop for vintage finds. Here are only a few of my favourites:

Head on over and check it out!

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17 February 2013

The freshly fallen snow is so lovely to see. You know, before the cars drive over it, and people walk over it, and dogs poop in it, and it becomes a gross pile of slush.

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15 February 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear T4s :: I like you much more when you are simple, and don't require any taxable benefits or exemptions or anything like that.

Dear Tea :: I wouldn't mind if you were just a tad bit sweeter.

Dear 3-layer bars :: Jeff made you and you are SO yummy!

Dear Alexander :: Please get better; I feel so bad when you are sick.

Dear cowl from Sew Ecological :: You are so comfy, and you are keeping me warm!

Dear Jeffery :: Thank you for shaving your mustache. Maybe now I'll shave my legs. lol!

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14 February 2013

14 DIYs for Valentines :: Day 14

Here are some super cute free Valentines printables from Brittany Thomas, courtesy of The Gingerbread Blog. Printables are so fun and easy, so even though it's February 14 (V-day), you can still give your sweetie something sweet.

Have fun printing!!

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Happy Valentines Day!

I know there are people out there who don't really care about Valentines Day. And honestly, this morning I was one of them. But then one of the managers here at work stated, "I'm all for being happy on any day that celebrates love." And that totally changed my viewpoint of Valentines Day. I know that our society has changed it so that many are expecting gifts, chocolate, sex, etc., but I'm going to be happy, because it's a day to celebrate love.

Butts are a good reason to be in a relationship with someone.
Too cute, eh?
I just love the heart-shaped rocks, don't you?!

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