31 October 2011

Featured Artist - Fairyfolk

As you can tell in the treasury I posted the other day, I love felted items! They are so cool and fun; I really want to learn how to do it! So today's feature is a shop that creates awesome felted wonders!

FairyFolk is the amazing work of Donni from California. Growing up in South Africa and living in Ireland, England, New Zealand, and now the US, Donni has certainly been exposed to many different cultures of art. Donni has actually lived in many of the places I would LOVE to travel to. And she creates so many awesome items! Take a look at a few of my favourites!

Aren't they awesome?!? I would love one of each! In Fairyfolk, Donni sells needle felting kits, home decor items, felted acorns, mushrooms, beach pebbles, flowers, wedding favours, wedding decor, felt jewellery, and more! Pop on over to Fairyfolk and see for yourself!

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Etsy's Front Page!!!

This is my first Etsy front page feature with For Any Occasion! SA-WEET!!!

'Shades of Olive Green' by BytheGulfCreations

Christmas Card, Noel, Olive ...

Set Of Four Leather Bracel...

Olive green Leather key fob

cashmere fingerless gloves i...

Olive green leather handbag ...

Handmade Eco-Vegan Flats in ...

Christmas jewellery/gift box...

Sessa Carlo Backpack Haversa...

SALE Olive Green Silk String...

Lampwork glass beads in Oliv...

Olive Green IPad and Iphone ...

Two Turquoise, Olive Green, ...

Hand knit hat - Victorian H...

Evil Eye Resin Necklace - Ol...

Fingerless Gloves in Khaki/ ...

Olive Green and Pink Feather...

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27 October 2011

Isabel Walking!!!

I just had to put this up. I couldn't wait until Wednesday. Here's Isabel walking!

It is sideways, but I think it's awesome, sideways or not. :)

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26 October 2011

More Colds

Since last week's post, the colds had gotten worse. I lost my voice on Thursday, and the kids continued to have horribly runny noses.

From Wednesday to Saturday, nothing really happened. We were just all sick at home. Thank goodness that Jeffery was gone, or he would have been just as miserable. And due to this miserable-ness, there is only this one picture.

There it is. Alexander eating some yogurt. Riveting, I know.

Jeff came home on Saturday at around 1:30 p.m. If you recall from last week, he had been gone for training. It was so nice to have him home, to talk to someone who is over the age of 3.

Which, by the way, is a new milestone for Alexander: when I ask him "how old are you?", he doesn't say "good" anymore (as if I asked him "how are you?"), he now says "fwee!" November hopefully will be a great month for Alexander, since it has been 6 months since he was first assessed at Early Words! Early Words told us that there was a 6 month waiting list for speech therapy, and November is month 6! So hopefully we will get a call this month, and start making larger bouts of progress with his speech.

Sunday was pretty awesome, since I got to see my baby sister, Karen, at mom and dad's place after church. I don't get to see her very often, so when I do, it is a treat. :)

But I think I made Ethan sick. I was feeding him his bottle on Sunday, and though I was careful to not breathe on him, he is now sick. So I have a feeling that I made him that way. :(  But I held Moriah too, and she isn't sick, so maybe I didn't... who knows, right?

Monday was a good day. We went back to school, and both Alexander and Isabel really enjoyed it. There were a LOT of kids there, though, so I was happy to leave for home.

On Tuesday, Nancy J. picked me and the kids up and we went to the rock (my name for our church building) for some woman-to-woman chatting. There was about 10 women there, I think, and 4 babies. It was nice to get together with other moms, listening to their conversations. I might have chimed in every once in a while if I hadn't been falling asleep where I was sitting! There is a story to this:

While we were driving to the rock, I started feeling nauseous. It was nasty. I had a gravol in my purse, so I took that. Shortly after, I started getting really, really drowsy. And dizzy. I made it to the end of the morning, and Nancy drove us home. Thankfully, Isabel napped in the afternoon. Alexander did not, but I didn't want him bothering Isabel when she was trying to sleep, so I had him upstairs in my bedroom with me. He likes playing in my bedroom, and he played really well while I took a sort-of nap.

When I woke up, the dizziness and grogginess was gone, but the nausea was still there. After Jeff came home, we went to Shoppers, where we picked up some gingerale. That helped a bit. Today, I feel the same as I did yesterday. But I'm about to have another gingerale, so hopefully that will help for a bit.

On another note, my best friend, Heather, is pregnant with baby #3!!! Which is fanta-bulous! She and her dear hubby weren't expecting this one. But they are both really happy and excited for #3 to arrive, as am I!!! But they had been thinking that two kids was enough, and they had given away most of their baby clothes! So it seems like they will start from scratch, which really sucks. But it's a good thing that they have so much support from family and friends, I'm sure they'll have tons of clothes in no time!

Well, that's for now, folks! May the schwartz be with you. *groan*

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24 October 2011

100 Fan Celebration Giveaway from The Orange Windmill

The Orange Windmill now has 100 fans on the facebook page! I'm so excited! To celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway!

I really love working with this gray-green lambskin leather. It is so soft and luxurious! So I am going to give away this medium-sized journal:

The winner of this giveaway will also win a set of paper flowers from For Any Occasion.

Here is what you need to do to win these awesome prizes (can I call them prizes? it sounds weird.)!!! For each action you complete, please put a comment onto this post. Each comment is one entry into this giveaway. Please make sure to include your email address in the comment, so I know how to contact you if you are the winner!

1. Follow this blog. (1 comment)
2. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter (the top right of the blog). Don't forget to confirm! (1 comment)
3. Go to The Orange Windmill and tell me what your favourite journal is. (1 comment)
4. Like my Facebook page. (1 comment)
5. Blog about this giveaway - include link in comment. (1 comment)
6. Tweet about this giveaway - include link in comment. (1 comment)

So everyone has the potential for 6 entries into this giveaway (even current followers, subscribers and fans). In two weeks, on Monday, November 7 at 12:00 p.m. (noon), I will draw a number using random.org. The winner will be contacted for mailing information.

Good luck!

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Featured Artist - Azulado

Sandra makes the most beautiful ceramic jewellery! Hailing from Portugal, has some of her art hanging in the National Tile Museum in Lisbon, and you can purchase some of her pieces in the shop "Alma Lusa" at the Lisbon airport. When you see her work, you can tell why:

Aren't these pieces just gorgeous?! Sandra designs bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, bowls, soap dishes, brooches, coasters, and more in her Etsy shop. Why don't you take a peek?

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