29 July 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing!

The title really sums it up! I haven't made anything for For Any Occasion. Sure, some items have sold, and I've made them again to re-post them on etsy, but other than that, no paper crafting for me this week.

I've been really busy with the kids and not much time to create. I've also been trying to finish the scarf. I was hoping it would be done for today, but alas, the last 20 or so rows need to be done before I show it off!

I've also been working on my new product line, which will probably be a separate etsy shop once I get the inventory up - since it's a little different than paper crafting. But you won't get any details until I open the shop. I want the anticipation to grow! It's an awesome product, and I'm having so much enjoyment in creating these items!


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  1. LOL I had to laugh! I have had many days like that. But I will work on stuff all day and not finish a single item LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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