20 July 2011

Focus on Family - Staying Cool in the Pool

This past week was another week full of pretty much only every day stuff. Running around outside, playing in the pool, taking walks to the park, trying to stay cool, that sort of thing. I know our air conditioner doesn't work very well, but at least it works. With the weather the way it is (SO humid, and it's projected to be 47 degrees C tomorrow!), everyone should be staying either in air conditioned spaces, or in the pool - the only ways to stay cool.

Isabel is officially crawling, as of Sunday evening. She was on her hands and knees on the floor, and Jeffery was standing in front of her, and she just started moving her arms to crawl! As you may or may not know, she has been moving her legs, but not her arms. Now she's finally moving both! It's so exciting! I love seeing her move around and discover new things every day!

She is even trying to pull herself up on the furniture! She gets her hands on the middle shelf of the TV stand, and she's up on her knees, trying to get her feet up onto the floor! That's kind of scary, because she only does it on the tempered glass of the TV stand, so if she ever fell, that would hurt. a lot.

Alexander's favourite thing right now is the pool. He prefers the pool to the swings at the park - and that's a BIG thing. The swings were his favourite thing. Alexander and Jeffery play in the pool very well together. Alexander likes filling up the milk container with water and pouring it over Jeff's head. Of course, when Jeff fills up his tiny pail with water and pours it over Alexander's head, Alexander doesn't like it very much. But Alexander starts it every time, so he knows what's going to come when he does it!

Isabel LOVES the water as well. She goes in the pool in the evening before bed to cool off (the a/c doesn't reach the second floor very well), and once she's in the water, she just starts kicking and giggling! She's tall enough to reach the bottom of the pool, and the water goes up to just below her armpits. I'm able to keep a good grip on her arms while she's flailing away in the water. It's hard to get a picture of Isabel in the water because she's moving so much!

I want to say thank you for your prayers last week in regards to Jeffery's work. His schedule hasn't really gotten busier, but God gave us enough sales to pay for everything for the next two weeks in TWO DAYS! AND there is a sale for the next pay too! So God is totally answering our prayers. He is also helping us both stay assured that He is the one providing for us, not Jeffery. Sunday's church service was a good reassurance for us too, since the message was conveniently about money (the parable of the shrewd manager - Luke 16:1-15).

I've also been shifting my priorities a bit. I've been trying SO hard to promote my business and create products and list items, that the roles that God put me into (wife and mother) were suffering a bit. So I'm putting more importance on being a wife and mother than being a creative business owner. It's kind of nice, because now there are goodies to eat when we want goodies (banana muffins!), and the floors are swept every day, the dishes don't stack up like they used to - and I feel better for it.

As most of you know, my older sister, Anne, is pregnant with twins, so I am collaborating with my mom and Heather, a friend of Anne's from church, to host a huge baby shower. Anne only wanted one baby shower before the babies were born, so it's going to be pretty big - over 50 people have been invited! It's going to be held at the Immanuel CRC fellowship hall (only place with enough space!). I'm making toppers for the cupcakes. I'm also thinking about making a photo booth - all we would need is a tripod for a camera. I'll be going around taking photos as well, and that is going to be LOTS of fun; I really do love taking pictures. We have a few games available, but it all depends on how long it takes for Anne to open all the presents; we may not have time for games! But I do have a game that we can play through the shower - we don't need time set aside for it, so that one will be easy. AND FUN!! I'm so glad I'm able to help with this shower!

Anyhoo. That's all for this week! Next week's post should be full, since we have a few things planned for this weekend. Cheerio!



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