07 July 2011

Things I Love About Hamilton

There are many things I love about Hamilton, Ontario, the city where we are living.

It has a gorgeous view from the top of the escarpment (I know we call it a mountain, but it isn't).

Dundurn Castle. Need I say more? A beautiful historic house.

Whitehern. They shot some scenes from Anne of Green Gables ~ The Sequel in this house. It was Morgan Harris's house in Boston.

Sherman Falls. There are many other waterfalls in the area, but this one is my favourite.

There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of Gore Park (the city centre)

There is also a great fountain in Gage Park, a few blocks from my place. It is currently being restored.

A Catholic Church you can see from the highway. People call it the Hamilton Cathedral.

McMaster University is also full of wonderful architecture.

Yes, I know most of my pictures have been of the architecture. But I LOVE architecture!

A great little pub downtown. Say that name ten times drunk! lol

It's so close to Niagara Falls (about a 45 minute drive).

Sam Lawrence Park is my favourite park in Hamilton. It is where most tourists go to get that great picture of the downtown city (like the first picture).

There's also the Locke Street festival in the summer.

There's also Ottawa Street (where I live!), which is known as Hamilton's antique and textile district.

What are some of your favourite things about your hometown?



  1. Ya...miss Hamilton, miss Canada, & MISS U Shirley~
    Thanks for sharing about Hamilton!!!

  2. I miss you too, Judy. :( But I'm glad we can still connect on facebook. :)

  3. The cricket pitch where I take the dog for a run and a chase of the ball. Not that exciting, but it is to us!

  4. Great pictures, Shirley, and a nice tribute to Hamilton.
    I think that church is The Cathedral of Christ the King...pretty sure....

  5. beautiful photos. Would love to visit Hamilton someday


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