28 July 2011


Here are pictures of a few things that I like. I forgot to get the source for all of them, so if you are responsible for these photos and would like credit for them, PLEASE let me know, and I'll add the source URL right away. Thanks. :)

My dream bed - but make it a king size!


Imagine a tiny scream each time one is put into the tea. lol

really cool.

I want to go there (Meteora, Greece)

where do I get a few of these? awesome!

Single Ladies!

such a great idea!

picture these hanging in the car


  1. Hi Shirley, I love the library - I've always wanted a library. The magazine rack as a little shelf is fab and the under-stair shelves - genius!!

  2. I know, right? and the way the shelf doubles as a door! But I don't think we have that many books in our house! lol

  3. I really really like that family tree picture idea - it's fabulous!

  4. i would really like to know what the source is for thee family tree photo collague. i would love to do something similar to my grandkids bedroom.

  5. Is the family tree on the wall from a stencil?


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