18 July 2011

Featured Artist - Krystyna81

There is a new feature on etsy (if you have an account) where you can take a "taste test" of sorts of things you like, and etsy will show you different shops and items that match your results. I was, at first, a little annoyed at this tool, since it was at the top of the screen, and I didn't see the usual front page anymore. But as I have looked through these images, I'm finding that I enjoy it more and more. It's a few rows of items that I really like! I've added more to my favourites through this tool than I ever thought I could in one day! And this is how I found today's featured artist.

Kristina, from Woodstock, GA, is a REAL artist. Like drawing people from live models, real. I remember doing that in art class, and I enjoyed it, but I was never very good at it. But Kristina's work is BEAUTIFUL!!! Here are a few of my favourites:

This is the picture that drew me to Kristina's shop. It's from a picture that the customer sent her, and it's so beautiful!

This picture has graced the cover of a book! Isn't that wild?!?

This last picture is my favourite. There is something about the colours used, the shading, the graceful pose, I just love it! I wouldn't know where to put it in our home, though. Probably in our bedroom. I think it's just GORGEOUS!!!

Here is video snapshots of one of Kristina's drawings in progress:

And here is a picture of Kristina drawing from a live model at a gallery opening!

You can find more of Kristina in cyberspace on her blog and etsy shop.

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