01 July 2011

Just a Hook and Some Yarn

As the title suggests, I didn't do any paper crafting this week. Yes, I still have that long list of things I want to make, and I do plan on making them. But maybe later.

On Sunday, while talking with my sister and her husband, Ken (who are expecting twins!), I have decided that instead of making the usual baby blanket - they are receiving WAY TOO many of those - I am going to make their girls winter hats. Well, I think they are both girls; they aren't telling anyone and it's driving me CRAZY!!!! I had a dream (before Anne told me that she was pregnant) that she was pregnant with twin girls.

I'm probably completely wrong about that because none of my dreams ever came true - like the one where I was competing in the 200 meter dash at my grade school field day, and I started to fly (it was amazing!) - but I'm sticking to my dream.

Anyhoo. So I went to work this week on making a hat. I got a crochet book from my dear friend, Heather. And I tried my hardest to follow the pattern; really, I did. I guess my brain can't translate crochet language, so it turned out WAY bigger than the 3-6 month head that it was supposed to be. It would have fit me! So I undid most of it, and just figured it out as I went along. Here is what I made:

I made this one for Isabel, since I didn't want to give my first one away, in case it didn't turn out. But I think it is beautiful! It's a bit large for Isabel now, but it's for the winter, so I think it will fit her perfectly in 6 months. I'll just have to make the top of the hat a few inches smaller to fit Ken and Anne's children.

But I love the pom-poms, and they were easier to make than I thought! I showed Ken and Anne the hat last night, and they seemed to like it. Maybe I'll do it in different colours - I'll have to ask them about that. But I guess ivory is a good colour for either sex, right?



  1. What a cute hat!


  2. Super cute!! I tried to crochet a hat this winter but I gave up. It looks like a sombrero for a Barbie, haha! Maybe you'll need to give me lessons :)

  3. Rachel, I'm sad to say that I think this hat turned out by mistake. I tried starting another one for Ken and Anne's kids, but it just wouldn't go right! :( I am in no position to teach anyone! :)

  4. What a sweet hat, Shirley - it looks great!
    (and we're so excited, too, to meet Ken & Anne's babies - still makes me tear up with happiness every time I think about it!). God is good :)


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