04 July 2011

Featured Artisan - honeyfarmdesign

I have always loved the things you can make with wood. And this shop I stumbled across on etsy is a testament to a few of those things one can create with wood.

I also love bowls - I have a few wood bowls scattered here and there in my home. They are just for show. I tried putting those small chocolate balls with the different coloured wrapping in one bowl at Christmas, but Alexander thought they were regular balls to play with and started rolling them around the house. It took me a long time to find them all! Anyway, I digress.

Honey Farm Deisgn. Based out of Cherry Valley, NY, Dennis and his "co-owner" dog, Remy, create these fantastic pieces.

Seeing pieces like these just make me want to take some wood and make something out of it! But I tried that once when I was camping at Algonquin Park once. Let me just say it's difficult to make anything using a blunt X-acto knife and thick branch with lots of knots. Oh well. I work with paper, and that is made from wood, right?

The great thing about Dennis's work is that the wood he uses is only from trees that have fallen due to storms or the power company (lol). I like that he doesn't kill any trees to create his pieces - there is enough of a shortage of trees in this world - though looking at the rainforest, you probably won't think so, eh?

Dennis also signs and dates each of his pieces, and that adds a bit of "je ne sais quoi", doesn't it? I just looked that phrase up to get the correct spelling, and it means "I don't know what". Having been taught french in school should have prepared me for that; but, alas *sigh* it didn't. I thought it meant something artsy and imaginative. oh well.

You can see more of Honey Farm Deisgn's work in Dennis's shop on etsy.

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