15 July 2011

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas (sort of... not really, actually)

My list of things to make is SO BIG! I have so many things written down to make yet, and although I'm chipping away at that list, almost every day I write down one or two more ideas (and yesterday, it was another dozen!).

On Wednesday I cut my finger pretty badly trying to get something into the blue box for recycling man to pick up. And occasionally it just starts bleeding again, so I haven't made any paper things since Wednesday, for fear of getting blood on the card stock. But here is what I've made this week:

I've also partially finished some Christmas seating tags, but I need a specific punch to finish them. I won't show them to you until they are done. I'm adding quite a few Christmas things on my list of things to make; I guess I'm wishing for colder weather already!

Last week I had made a template for a soap holder, but I needed 100% cotton yarn to make one. My mom gave me a huge roll of 100% cotton yarn and I LOVE crocheting with it! It's like silk compared to acrylic! Anyways. Here's what I made so far with the cotton yarn:

It's still a little big, so I think I'll have to decrease a stitch or two (or three) going up the sides. The bottom fits perfectly.

I also made a little face scrubby. That was fun! I really do love working in rounds better than rows.

I started making this without actually knowing what I was going to make, but this just sort of happened. As you can tell from the residue on the soap, I was putting the soap on the paper bag I got the soap in. I needed a dish. Now the bits of paper bag are stuck on the soap, and I can't get them off. I refuse to scratch at the soap to remove them, so I'll just let it come off naturally. Just watch; one morning I'll have bits of paper bag on my face that I won't know about until someone in the grocery store asks me what that weird brown stuff is on my face! lol  That would be funny!

I've also been wanting to make a different style of winter hat for Alexander - maybe a bear hat, with the ears and everything. I think I'll try that for next week. I like making hats.

As you may remember, I did a feature for colorshift yarn a few weeks ago, and Erica sent me the yarn pictured above yarn as a thank you. I had been contemplating what to make with the yarn, as it is beautiful yarn, and I wanted to make something special.

I originally wanted to make little bowls to put my embellishments into at the craft shows I do. But there would have been so much yarn left over from making two small bowls of each colour, so I decided to make a scarf with the yarn instead. I've finished the first colour, and am about half way through the second.

That's what it looks like right now. I was working a little on it this morning in the few moments I had when neither child wanted anything from me. I hope to work on it more this afternoon, too. Isn't it just a gorgeous colour? All the little variations in the yarn? I love it! This picture is showing the purple a little redder than it is in person, but it's still beautiful!

I'm guessing it will end up being only 3 feet long or so, so I would like to get another set of this colour to make it longer, but that may have to wait a while. It's not like winter is coming tomorrow, right? The yarn is a lot thinner than anything I've ever crocheted with before, so I'm using a 3.5 mm hook. I didn't want to use the 5 mm hook I have, in case it would have made larger holes in the scarf; don't want that.

Anyhoo. That's all for now! If I keep going with creating things every day, hopefully I'll have most of my list finished.


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