06 July 2011

Strawberries and a 911 Call

That title sure got your attention, didn't it? Well, the story is much less exciting than you think. You know the 911 lights on a taxi? I'm not sure about anywhere else, but here in Hamilton, it's a little circular light at the rear of the cab. If it is blinking, then you should call 911. I forgot to post this last week, because that's when it actually happened - on our way to the bayfront park on Saturday.

We were driving down King to get to the other side of the city, and there was a taxi with the little light blinking. Jeff noticed that the taxi was dropping off a little old lady in front of the bingo hall, so the chance of it being a real threat was nil. However, I had never seen that light blinking before, so I called 911, and told the lady the cab's i.d. number and location, and we continued on our way.

This was so exciting for me! Was I, and I alone, observant enough to notice the blinking light and call 911 to notify the police? Was I, through my actions, going to save a poor taxi driver, who was in a horrible situation, like being held at knife point? or gun point? or something similarly sinister?

No. When we got to the park, we got a call back from the 911 lady, saying that the taxi driver had accidentally pushed the button, but there was no emergency. You can imagine, I hope, my disappointment. I had not saved anyone's life at all. boo-hiss.


On Friday (Canada Day), we went with Niki to go strawberry picking at the Tigchelaar Berry Farm, which Jeffery calls the Tickleberry farm. lol. It turned out to be a really bright day. We saw my gramma, aunt, and some friends leaving the fields as we were walking into the fields. It took us about 45 minutes to fill two 7-litre baskets, which is pretty good, I think. We were picking Brunswick strawberries, which are small and sweet. The Gem (or Jem, I'm not sure) berries are sweeter, but that's okay. I was pretty good at restraining myself - I didn't eat any strawberries until after our baskets were full! Good for me!

Niki was picking with Alexander and Isabel while Jeffery and I picked together in a different row, which was fabulous, because it would have taken much longer if Alexander was with us.

It was funny, though. While I was getting Alexander's teeth brushed for the morning, Niki put sunscreen on Isabel. And for some reason, she put sunscreen on Isabel's head, and this was the result:

I had a hat for Isabel's head, but I guess Niki just didn't think of that! lol

Jeffery and I made strawberry jam with the strawberries we picked. We were able to give most of them away, which is great. The first day we made 4 jars with a little extra in a container. That night we had pancakes with the jam on it that night for dinner (I know), and it was really tasty! You can go here for the recipe and directions we used for the jam.

It was nice having Jeffery home for the weekend, no working! We had some quality family time.

We got to swim in the pool - it certainly was hot enough for that! Well, Jeffery and Alexander swam in the pool. Isabel's swimsuit is too small for her now, so she and I sat on the deck and watched the boys swim.

Alexander learned to blow bubbles in the water . . . with his mouth, not his bum. lol

There was lots of goofing around, running around, laughing around . . .? Yes, there was.

a very flattering picture, I know.

Isabel is trying SO HARD to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees, then her hands and her feet, so that her bum is sticking up in the air. When she realizes that it doesn't work to get her moving, she goes back on her belly.

And yesterday, she started moving her knees while she was on her hands and knees, but she couldn't figure out how to move her arms, so she still couldn't go anywhere. She's so close! Well, she doesn't actually need to know how to crawl to get anywhere. She stays on her belly, and she pulls herself around with her arms. She is very strong.

On Sunday, after church, we went to my parents' house to celebrate Ken's 39th birthday, which was on Saturday. He is a great man and a wonderful part of our family. I didn't bring my camera, so I don't have any pictures. :(

That's all, folks!


  1. Love the sunscreen doo!!! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. You did right by calling 911 you had no idea it was an error by the cabbie. I sent you some Sunday pics via your 'hotmail' address.

  3. HEY! To be fair, I was protecting little Izzy, what if she was going to take the hat off? Hmm?? No recognition for going the extra mile.

    Also, where's a picture to prove I was there? *offended* :P Seriously though, can you send me those pictures please? Thanks friend!

    with love 'auntie'

  4. Christie - Isabel seemed to like it as well! :)
    Gramma - thanks for the pictures!
    Niki - I put those pictures in the album on facebook marked July 2011. I think you can download them from there?

  5. FYI: the other variety of strawberry is called Jewel - we'll have both varieties next year, as well!


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