11 July 2011

Product Review: Soulful Soap

Today's post is not a feature, it's a review! I love getting to do reviews because it means I have a tangible product. I have had experience with the customer service and product quality that pictures cannot produce.

I met Vanessa, owner of Soulful Soap, at The Keep and Collect Market on June 25, 2011 - a fellow vendor. I was lured to her table by the irresistible smell the soaps exuded into the air. I smelled "Sensual Suds" first, intrigued by the name. It was (and still is!) the best smelling soap I had ever smelled. So wonderful.

I used "Sensual Suds" in a bath. After using the soap, the water turned a lilac purple colour - it looked as pretty as it smells! It lathered very nicely, and it didn't make my skin feel greasy, like some soaps do. This soap fills the entire bathroom with its scent, and I can smell it as soon as I walk into the room - heavenly! I can even smell the soap while I'm walking up the stairs if the bathroom door is open! Every time I take a whiff of "Sensual Suds", I sigh and smile - I can't help it!

I used "Zen Garden" in a bath about a week later. It lathered just as nicely as "Sensual Suds" did, and the aroma in the air (and on my skin) was a great combination of the lavender, lemongrass and orange Vanessa put into this bar. I felt like I could have fallen asleep in the bathtub, something I've only done once in my life.

Of course I didn't because I had to shave my legs. ugh. Shaving is not something I enjoy doing. It takes so long and my legs get all itchy after I'm done, even when I put moisturizer on afterwards. But this time was different. I wondered why my legs were not itchy this time. It was because of the soap! That was the only difference from my usual shaves to this one! That fabulous "Zen Garden" soap also kept my legs from insufferably itching for about 2 hours after my shave! I LOVE THIS SOAP!!!

I use "Clear Complexion" every morning and every night. I honestly couldn't tell you if it has helped my complexion - it hasn't been long enough - but this soap is great in that it keeps my face from being all oily in the morning. The first time I applied this soap was at night. And, being summer with no a/c in our bedroom, my face gets all sweaty and oily through the night. My face did get sweaty, but there was the absence of the usual amount of oil on my face! So I used it again in the morning.

Another great thing about the "Clear Complexion" soap is that your face also smells really clean too. The first night I used it, when Jeffery came to kiss me, he asked if I had had a shower. It was because of the fresh, clean smell of the soap that he was smelling on my face!

Not only are the soaps beautiful to look at, smell so so nice, and are fabulous, Vanessa is also a really friendly woman. When I popped over at her table, she was still setting up (the event hadn't started yet), but she was okay with me picking up each kind of bar that was on the table and smelling them.

We talked about the items we made and the different shows we had "vended" and are planning to "vend" at. I also discovered that Vanessa lives only a few blocks from me! Vanessa is a lovely girl to know.

You can find more of Soulful Soap on etsy, her website, facebook page and at the brick and mortar store humblepie. Vanessa also sells her soaps at the James Street Art Crawls every 2nd Friday of every month, and at the St Jacob's Market.

I would totally recommend Soulful Soaps to anyone who is looking for locally handmade soap.


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  2. Thank you so much for an honest review. Very flattered and honored you chose to do a review on my soaps!!

  3. The first soap shown looks like fudge!

    Have a great week!



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