27 July 2011

Constipation and Toilet Training Gone Awry

Every morning, when I come downstairs to get Isabel up, I see this:

Do you see her left leg? She's trying desperately to get it up enough to stand! Isabel is constantly trying to stand up!

In this picture, you can see we have a potty for training Alexander. We got it from my mom. I tried last Monday, but I've since stopped. Even though Alexander was showing some signs of being ready (staying dry for more than 3 hours at a time, showing interest in the toilet), he is not ready to be trained yet. He fought be each and every time I tried putting him on the toilet. No sweets, stickers, or encouragement would get him to do it without whining. No, Alexander would rather play under the dining room table with his dinosaurs.

Thursday was the hottest day of the year so far. I don't think it broke the record, but it was pretty close. Heather came over with Emma and Evan. We all enjoyed the air conditioner and the pool in the back. The water was SO WARM, but somehow it still cooled us down. I really enjoy company. :)

On Saturday, we attended a get together at Harald & Michele's place in Caistor Centre. It was great to see old friends and catch up with them. We brought our camera in hopes of taking pictures, but we didn't even take it out of the case! That's a big shame because we all had so much fun.

The kids all played together really well, for the most part. Alexander sat on a big boy swing finally, and he learned to jump on a trampoline! We left once the mosquitoes started biting. Thankfully Alexander didn't get bitten at all, only I did - about 15 times! oh well. I'm used to that by now.

Jeffery made a bunch of stuff to bring to the get together: cheesecake, granola bars, and bars with three layers (graham crackers, cocount, melted chocolate and peanut butter), all from scratch! Sometimes I really do think that Jeff should have been the stay at home parent! I didn't take any pictures while he was making any of these, but the next time he makes any of those items, the process will be documented and posted on our food blog.

Isabel has been very happy since Sunday. She had been constipated all weekend, not pooping at all for 3 or 4 days. On Sunday, I tried a suppository, and she pooped out about 2 inches. She's been pooping 2 or 3 times a day since then. Shame on me for not having any more prunes in the house to feed her (that's why she got constipated in the first place).

On Sunday night, my sister Laura came over to babysit the kids while Jeffery and I went to see Harry Potter 7.2. It was a really good movie, very well done. It's one of my favourite movies out of all eight of them - number one being the best (since it's closest to the book).

Our pool is infested by pieces of tarp. :(  Jeffery thinks that the birds and squirrels who go on the pool cover to get in on some of that rain water on the top have been inadvertently scraping the tarp, and the bits are going into the pool. The water now looks foggy, like milk has been poured into it. I think I'll get one of those mesh-scooper things, and we'll see how much of it we can get out.

Anyhoo. That's all for this week!



  1. Nice post...love to hear what you are doing...and how Alexander and Isabel are getting on....
    A big bonus - I hope to see you at your Mom's on Sunday??? Laura and Anne's birthday!!!
    Darling pics of the kids....

  2. We'll definitely be there on Sunday! :)

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