25 July 2011

Product Review - tbcollection

Tiina, the genius behind TBcollection, was a fellow vendor at the "Keep & Collect Market" on June 25. I have one necklace. And I really do want to have more. Tiina's work looks so beautiful and simple, I knew that I wanted to have one of her necklaces.

I didn't see anything that I HAD to have, but I liked her style, so I talked to her about creating a custom piece. I knew I wanted purple (what's with me and purple lately? I don't know), so we went with that. Tiina asked me for the desire length (around 20") and closure clasp (I chose the lobster closure - I already knew how to do one of those!). I knew I would have to wait a while to get it in the mail, since Canada Post was experiencing the lockout at the time. I wasn't in a rush, either, so I had no problem with waiting.

I got an email after the lockout ended, confirming all the specifications again. I was glad to see that Tiina was communicating - especially since it is a custom piece; it's something that I would do.

When it came in the mail, I didn't even get to open it! Jeff saw it and opened it (isn't it illegal to open someone else's mail?). I saw this:

So Tiina had also made me a matching bracelet! Awesome! She guessed at the length to fit, and it does, perfectly! It has a different closure, but it's still easy enough to put on and off.


These items are beautiful, Tiina! My daughter (7 months old) LOVES that they sparkle in the light. Simple, lightweight, beautiful, a perfect combination! I would have liked to have pictures of me wearing them, but I can't really take a picture of myself and have it look halfway decent. lol


You can see more of TBcollection on Tiina's etsy shop.

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