20 June 2011

Yarn from colorshiftyarn

As a thank-you for doing a feature on her shop, Erica from colorshiftyarn sent me a set of the purple gradated yarn! It came wrapped like this:

The tissue paper matched the yarn! So pretty!

Such gorgeous colours!

Now, I've been itching to make something beautiful with this yarn, but it has to be something really special, something that I would use a lot.

When I sell my products at a craft show, I have little handmade embellishments for sale, all approximately the same size. Currently, I use a foam egg carton to hold the embellishments:

Now I think it would look so great if I could make little bowls about the same size with the gradated yarn, and stitch them together to make my own little "egg carton" for holding the embellishments. Each little bowl would be a different shade of the purple (in order), to provide more visual interest. What do you think?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for what I could make with this fabulous yarn? Any comment would be appreciated. I want to do it justice.


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