06 June 2011

Featured Artist - trafalgarssquare

Kit & Adam are the owners of Trafalgar's Square. Kit draws and paints such cute pictures!

I had sent a message to them through etsy, asking them to answer a few questions about themselves and their creative business, but I was a little late in sending the request (yesterday), so I wasn't really expecting a response so soon.

Here are four of my favourites from their shop:

This picture reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit.

I want to get this elephant print for Alexander's room. He loves bubbles!

I would like to get this picture for Isabel's room. Such whimsy and simplicity - LOVE IT!!!

On their profile, it says that Kit draws and paints the pictures while Adam makes up a story about the characters. I wonder if when you buy a print you get the story too. . .?

I know for sure that if I ever need some custom illustration work, I would ask Kit to do it for me! I'm not entirely sure if she does, but I would definitely ask. I just love her style!

You can also see more about Trafalgar's Square on their blog.

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  1. I think this has got to be my favourite of your featured artisans so far! Those drawings are adorable!!


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