17 June 2011

Orders vs Canada Post Lockout

I've been able to create a little bit this week. Most of it is going towards my inventory for the Keep & Collect Market on June 25, but I'm also listing them as well on my etsy store.

Canada Post issued a lockout this week, after I had shipped out two orders to the US, so I messaged both buyers, telling them what happened, and asked for confirmation of delivery as soon as they got their orders. I will be worried about it until I hear back from them.

I put the items into the post office on Saturday, so they probably didn't go out until Monday. The lockout occurred on Thursday morning, so I'm really not sure. Both buyers messaged me back, saying they will tell me when they received their orders, so at least I will know.

Here is what was sold. I know I don't usually show what I sell, but I'm doing it today!

Hand-stamped and hand-cut flower embellishments

This card was customized for her daughter's first birthday

The lockout also means that all the envelopes I have ready to go into the mail for Jeffery's clients are going to have to be postponed as well. I like being able to get all the cards ready at the end of the week for the entire week, and go to the mail box once and drop them all off at the same time. I guess everybody has to wait.

Anyhoo. Here is what I made this week:

I'm also working on some bear embellishments, but they are not quite completed yet. I might make a card out of them instead of leaving them as embellishments, I'm not sure yet. They are different from my other bear embellishments; these ones are the entire bear, not just the bear head.

I was also working on a new hot mat that I could use for the larger pots, pans, and cookware I use regularly. I originally planned to make one for the big stone sheet that we have, but I decided I wanted to make that one a circle, and I have yet to learn how to make a circle. So I made a large rectangle hot mat for our 9x13 baking dish instead.

See? It fits perfectly! I used single stitches, and I switched back and forth between a front stitch and a back stitch, and I really like the way that looks! My next project is learning how to crochet a circle. I'll probably use yellow yarn for that, I won't have enough purple yarn to do the huge circle.

Until next week. . .


  1. Nice hot mat! At first I thought you had put it inside the dish and wondered if you were confused about what hot mats were for! :P

  2. lol, that's funny; I never saw the picture like that until you mentioned it. no, the hot mat is underneath the glass pan. :)


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