23 June 2011

Our Bathroom

I will not show you the horror that is our upstairs bathroom, but I want you to get the gist of what we have, so I've drawn out the approximate floor plan:

Now think about this room with chocolate brown walls AND CEILING! Who on earth would paint their bathroom walls and ceiling a dark chocolate brown?!!? It's ridiculous! But the colour of the walls and ceiling doesn't affect the function of the room, so we didn't do anything to it when we purchased the house (except clean, of course!)

I am not exaggerating the size of the bathtub, either. It literally takes up half the room. Not the tub, but the humongous platform that the previous owners built to support the tub. Please note that there is no shower. The only shower in the house is on the main floor, right beside the front door, in the powder room. It's a tiny one person shower. Don't ask me why they put it in the powder room right beside the front entrance, but they did. Anyhoo.

This was the original plan that Jeffery and I both agreed on in the beginning for the second floor bathroom:

This would make for a beautiful, huge bathroom. But I don't think it's very practical. I don't think the whirlpool tub would be used all that often. It also doesn't help with the lack-of-storage issue this house has. Now this is what I would like the upstairs bathroom to look like when we are done:

As you can see, the area where the toilet and sink are now (the house's original bathroom) would be closed off to provide a large linen/storage closet. This floor plan offers a large bathroom with all the essentials. As you can see, there is still plenty of space. I think my drawings are pretty close to scale, too.

This is the vanity that Jeffery and I have agreed that we would like to get. I would prefer a darker brown, but it's the style that we would like. I really love the faucets. 

And this is our desired toilet:

Ha! I'm just kidding! I'm not really a stickler about the kind of toilet we get. As long as it's quieter and doesn't back-up as often as our current one does, I'll be happy. This one is pretty, though. It would be easy to clean the outside - nice straight lines.

This is the kind of shower that we were planning to have installed before I changed the floor plan of our bathroom. Not exactly, of course, we are more of the "brushed nickel finish" people as opposed to the "gold finish" people, but you catch my feeling, right?

Now I want to have just a regular bathtub/shower combination. I have yet to convince Jeff of that, though.

Which bathroom floor plan do you like better? The one we originally agreed on, or the one I want to change it to? I would LOVE to know other people's opinions.



  1. I like your drawing with the shelf space....otherwise you have piles of towels..sheets etc...stuffed all over. And the shower I would included over the tub...for the cost factor and convience...that's my input :)

  2. That is the creepiest toilet ever, haha!! Please don't get that one!
    I like the second floor-plan - what a great addition of storage space. And having a shower/tub combo is nice - you can tile around it to get a similar visual effect as that walk-in shower you posted, and you can still give kids a bath, which is way more fun than showers for kids! You could even install two shower heads for a spa-effect :)

  3. Gramma, that's my plan: to have the shower and bath in one. I just have to convince Jeff. :)
    Rachel, I laughed out loud when I saw that toilet, and I knew immediately that I was going to have to put it in this post. :)


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