18 June 2011

Happy Birthday, Jeffery!

Today is the birthday of my fabulous husband, Jeffery. He turns 30!

Jeffery is such a gift from God - I am very sure that there is no other man who would be able to stand living with me, and still love me, despite all my many, many faults.

Jeffery is the most kind, thoughtful, considerate, and honest man I have ever known, and it is a blessing for me to be a part of his life.

It is my prayer that Jeff will continue to seek the will of God for his life, and that he will always count the many blessings that God has given us - namely Alexander and Isabel.

Jeffery is such a wonderful husband to me and father to our children - I am glad that we are living out our lives together.

I love you, Jeff. I hope you have a wonderful day today. :)


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