20 June 2011

Featured Artist - Waterrose Handcrafted Obessions

Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions is Rose from Arizona. She was encouraged to be creative by her family - her mother taught her embroidery, and her grandmother taught her quilting. She loves working with textiles, and I think you can see that in the items she creates.

Now, I'm not really one to wear a whole lot of jewelry, but I think these embroidered cuffs are absolutely gorgeous! I like each of the ones I put into this post.

Since I cross stitch, I can totally appreciate the work that goes into each of these pieces. When I was a girl and saw embroidery, I used to think, "I want to try that!" But with these pieces, I don't really want to, only because I would be afraid that I would muck it up! I truly admire the artistry and talent that goes into each of Rose's items.

You can also find Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions on her blog.


  1. It is wonderful to recognize the talents of others! She does terrific work.


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