15 June 2011

Focus on Family - Early Years and Blue Screen of Death

What to tell you about this week? Well, I started bringing the kids back to the Early Year centre at Memorial School, and Alexander just LOVES it! Not just the playing, either; he loves interacting with the kids - especially Jeremy. Whenever I say, "Let's go to school!" Alexander says, "Jeremy!" It will be sad in September when Jeremy is in JK and Alexander won't see him at Early Years anymore.

Alexander has been trying new food there as well. I never would have thought that Alexander would choose to eat a blueberry. Or a cucumber. Or watermelon. But he did! The Early Years provides morning snack for the kids, and according to the school board, they have to be nutritional - under a certain amount of calories; so there are a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. In the beginning, I had to tell Alexander that he couldn't have a drink of his juice until he had a bite of the watermelon. But this morning, he willingly put the blueberry in his mouth! Yay for progress!

Isabel really enjoys the Early Years too. She is entranced by all the kids running around her, and she has lots of smiles while she's watching them. And she is one of the babies there, so she gets a lot of attention from the other kids too, which she loves! It'll be so much fun when she crawls!

Isabel is pulling herself up onto her knees and rocking! She already pulls herself around with her arms, and she has discovered that she doesn't get anywhere very quickly, so she pulls her bum up and goes on her knees and rocks, trying to move.

When Jeff was in Niagara on the Lake (I believe) with a little extra time between appointments, he went into a store, which had a really cute onesie:

Get it? iPod? iPood? HAHAHA!!! I'm not sure why it is not in landscape orientation, blogger won't download the picture properly. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you have pictures you want to share with the world, at least make sure the orientation is correct. This is going to bug me.

The other onesie Jeffery bought said, "OOPS! I did a twosie in my onesie." I was going to get a picture of that one too, but Isabel actually did a twosie in her onesie. ew.

Remember last week, when I mentioned Jeff's hideous haircut? Well, this is it. It's a horrible picture, I know, with all the light coming in on the left, but it's all I've got. It actually doesn't look too bad in this picture, since Jeff's hair had grown out a bit. When he first came home, he looked bald. You can see some hair here at least.

Sitting up! She is such a big girl! She hasn't been sleeping in the afternoon for more than 30 minutes for the last few days, so I can't really get anything done. I bought bananas to make 2 batches of banana muffins, but I haven't had time. I also want to make chocolate chip cookies, but no time. grrr. I've tried giving her a formula bottle before her nap, instead of breastmilk, but that doesn't work either. The next step is cereal, but that will have to wait until she is 6 months old, which is next week. (I don't have any rice cereal in the house yet.)

Here is another cute shirt. TOTALLY TRUE, by the way. I have to put a bib on her all the time to catch all the drool, and everyone now knows how she is on the other end. lol

The squirrel is still in our chimney. I'm very tempted to just tear down the chimney and block it up, but that's a lot of work - our chimney goes all the way to the top of the roof. My sister Anne suggested using bird seed as a lure into the trap instead of peanut butter, so I think we'll have to try that. It does make sense - squirrels are always eating bird seed out of the bird feeders.

Our computer is dying on us. We've been getting the blue screen of death. It has been diagnosed that our motherboard is killing everything attached to it, memory first, then the graphics card. We now have only one stick of memory (it's really low, not sure the exact amount), and the whole thing goes really slow, kind of like when computers first came out. So we can't really do anything on it right now.

Well, because of this, Jeffery can't play WOW (World of Warcraft) on the computer (way too slow - it took him 15 minutes just to log in!), so I let him install it on the laptop, and some days I regret doing this. Jeff plays after work to wind down and relax. But that is the time when I am also able to relax and do my business stuff on the computer. Promoting a business online is a time consuming task. So while I'm getting both kids ready for bed, Jeff is already on WOW, and once the kids are down and I have a chance to get on the laptop, I can't go on because Jeff is already on. It's very frustrating. I'm just a bit sour about it. That is the end of my rant.

One good thing about Jeff hogging the laptop is that I am forced to do something else with my time. So I've been creating! You'll hear more about that on Friday. I know I could make those banana muffins or chocolate chip cookies, but I'm doing things for everyone else all day long. After the kids are down, I finally have time to do something for me. Baking is not it.

Talking about food, last week we had pulled pork for dinner (well, a couple of dinners!), and I blogged the recipe. Here is the incredibly easy recipe I used.

Oh! You know when you're typing away on the computer and you type in a ? and it comes up a É? For the longest time, I had no idea how to turn that off, and it was annoying me greatly. But now I know! You have to press both shift buttons, ctrl and the Fn button all together, and it goes back to normal. I know I sound like a noob, but I was very happy when I figured it out!

That's all for now, folks!


"In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold." -Ephesians 4:26-27


  1. I love your updates, Shirley. And those onesies made me laugh :)
    Take care!

  2. Just love your updates....I can feel closer even when I don't see you very often...


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