16 June 2011

Our Kitchen

Jeffery and I bought our first fixer-upper house last year, and we've been living in it ever since. We've had lots of ideas in our heads about what we want - which seems to be practically the same thing! It's nice to have a husband who has the same taste and style as I do (for the most part).

When purchasing a house, there are three rooms that make or break the sale: kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom. In our house, all three of these things have to be redone. I'll be talking about the kitchen first.

Our kitchen needs to be completely torn down. The walls are still the original plaster with no insulation. The upper cabinets were installed too high because of some poorly installed electrical work (which is okay, since we're both pretty tall). We painted the cabinets white, which will have to do until we save up to redo the kitchen. There is currently no back splash on the walls. The countertop is sinking in at the sink due to a poorly installed sink. There is no dishwasher!

Our kitchen looks much worse on camera than in real life. Maybe it's because I ignore the things that need to be done when I'm in the kitchen. You can see that there is not a whole lot of cabinet space or counter space.

When we redo the kitchen, we are going to be moving everything around to create a "G style" kitchen.

That's not going to be our kitchen, but that is how much space we will have once it is done.

I love looking at pictures of kitchens, and my favourites are always the ones that are bright, clean and simple, with not much clutter. I like everything to have its place, preferably behind a cupboard door. These pictures have accents to make a nice picture, but these kitchens have the feel I'm looking for.

It's funny that all these pictures have white or lighter coloured cabinets - we've decided on a darker colour for the cabinets. Not too dark, but more like this:

However, our kitchen will have to wait. Our upstairs bathroom is the first room we will be redoing. I'll talk about that next week.

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