03 June 2011

My Creative Corner - More Ladybugs and Gloves

This week I finally made ladybug birthday cards:

I made ladybug invitations too, but I've had people ask me if there were blank ones they could use for birthdays. I didn't have any more, so I knew I had to make some - they are very popular! So I made a whole bunch. I got a smaller circle punch, so the dots on the ladybug's wings are smaller than the ones of the invitations. But the body, head and wings were still traced, then hand cut.

I also finished my first pair of fingerless gloves. I didn't expect it to take so long, but it's difficult to be able to make something in one sitting right now.

I only had one hand to take the picture, so I couldn't show both of them, but they both look like that. I had tried one with a hole in the side for the thumb, but I didn't really find it all that comfortable. I liked it better with no thumb hole. The gloves go almost to my elbow, which was my goal. They are comfortable and warm, just like I wanted. Now I have to wait for winter to wear them! Oh well. My next project will be a matching scarf. My sister Laura crocheted a beautiful scarf, and I would like to know what she did to make it. It looks like single stitches with a larger hook than what I used for the gloves, but I'm still new to this, so I could be wrong. I probably am wrong.

By the way, I've been looking up crochet patterns, and they are CONFUSING!!! All these abbreviations, and stitch names that I don't know! I know chain stitch, single stitch, and double stitch. I don't know all the other ones: back loop single stitch, v-stitch, tunisian stitch, lacy interrupted v-stitch, I could go on. When I want to try more complicated projects, that's when I will look up how to do those different stitches.

I got a bunch of picture frames, and I've started making more pictures. This is going to be fun!



  1. I made similar ladybug cards for my daughter's 4th birthday. Only I used it as a thank you card. Instead of a red body, I used black card paper and wrote the thank you message using a silver gel pen.

  2. Cute cards. I like thumb holes in my fingerless gloves :-)

    I have a sheet that says all the stitches. I will have to find it and email it to you!


  3. You are absolutely right! My scarf is just single stitches on a 9mm hook, with chunky weight yarn. Crocheted horizontally rather than vertically. Do you know the difference between stitching into the back stitch/front stitch/both stitches? It introduces a whole new range of possibilities!

    Also: Awesome wrist-warmers! They don't count as gloves until you can stick a finger in a hole.


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