29 June 2011

Focus on Family - Evening at the Bayfront

Today was the last day of school, which marks the end of the Parenting & Family Literacy Centre, and that makes me sad. Alexander and Isabel enjoy their time there. It also makes me feel like a lazy mom for not taking them to school as often as I could have, knowing how much they enjoy it. I will also miss seeing Ashley every day. But it will start up again in September, and I'm excited about that.

This week I started Isabel on rice cereal. She was MORE than ready for it, she started chewing down on the food right away - I didn't have to coax it from her. She also didn't let much of the cereal dribble down her face, the way most babies do. But she does gnaw on the spoon when she's done eating the cereal.

Isabel is also getting up on her hands and knees all the time now! She's getting really good at moving around without crawling, but I can see her trying very hard to crawl.

On Saturday after the Keep & Collect Market, we were invited to the Bayfront park with the Ross family. It was wonderful to be able to get out and spend time with dear friends. Alexander loves Carly, Natalie and Jeremy - so it was great!

Alexander LOVED seeing the geese. He recognized them as geese right away, too, which is good.

Alexander sitting with Natalie watching the geese swim.

Isabel was wondering why she wasn't in bed yet. We stayed out way past her bedtime, and her mood told us so.

We saw boats sailing on the water too. Alexander was quite excited about that.

Saturday was also a rare day for me - I was in a REALLY good mood. Jeffery was actually wondering what was wrong with me. I guess I've been a grump since Isabel was born.

Here is Isabel talking to us before she's eaten. I'm assuming she is saying, "Mommy, give me my food!"

Alexander has been posing for the camera again! Now I have been able to get a few un-blurry pictures of him.

Isabel still watches Alexander like a hawk. I can't wait for her to crawl and sit up on her own, then they will have lots of fun together. Well, Isabel will have fun getting where she wants to go and playing with toys. But Alexander will have a little bit of trouble sharing his toys, I think. And I will run ragged after Isabel so she won't get into anything. I think it's time to re-baby proof!

You can still see the bite Alexander got - it's on his left temple. But at least it's not swollen or itchy anymore!

That's all for now, folks! See you next week!


"The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them."                                               Psalm 145:18-19

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