22 June 2011

Focus on Family - Alexander vs Mosquito

Alexander woke up on Tuesday morning like this:

If you think Alexander looks bad, you should see the other guy:

That's right, folks. D. E. D. Dead. Here's how it went down . . .

Late afternoon on Sunday, Jeffery and Alexander were setting up the pool. Jeff had already blown up the ring and was filling up the pool when Alexander came outside. Of course, Alexander wanted to hold the hose, and that was okay.

Jeff watched, to make sure that Alexander kept the hose directed at the pool.

Meanwhile, Isabel was showing mommy her superb strength by getting up on her hands and knees - she's so close!

And while Alexander was outside with Jeff, a mosquito landed on his forehead and bit him! His first mosquito bite. I should have been more observant - Alexander was itching the bite quite a bit that evening.

The next day, Alexander woke up from his nap with this:

And yesterday morning, Alexander woke up with his eye like the first picture up on the top. He wasn't complaining or anything, but most of the day he couldn't see anything, it's swollen shut. This morning is the same. We have an appointment at Early Words this morning, to assess his speech (we need to get him to say more than one word at a time, and Early Words will teach us how to help him with that), so I hope his eye doesn't hinder him at all.

Anyhoo. On Saturday it was Jeffery's 30th birthday, and he went golfing during the day with his friend, Paul; and we went to Tucker's Marketplace with a bunch of friends for dinner. That was a good day.

On Sunday, it was Father's Day; it was also the one day of the year that Church on the Rock baptizes those who wish to be baptized. I think there was 12 people, but I could be wrong. We went down to LaFortune Park in Caledonia, and the church family had a barbecue and fellowship and baptisms! That was also a good day.

Yesterday was the Year End picnic with the Early Year Centre. We went down to Gage Park and had snacks, played in the water, listened to some performers, saw Clifford the dog, and played with bubbles. There were lots of kids there! Alexander and Isabel had a good time, which is what counts.

And that was all for the week! Cheerio!


"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."
                                                                                          -Matthew 22:37


  1. Love the dead mosquito...my kind of mosquito! These posts are so great!!...just love them. I thought of Jeff on his birthday...just didn't get a card out.... I wish him all the best for this new year he is beginning. Isabel's top may trip her knees if she gets going....I used to pin the dress or top back...just when they were beginning to crawl....after they are experts at this they can handle the material 'tripping' them.

  2. They never took him to the doctor?! Aniphylactic shock kills more people due to lack of medical attention due to some religions beliefs. Alexander is lucky to be alive. Was his sight damaged or did anyone care?

    1. We didn't take him to the doctor because I had the same thing when I was younger, and I knew to look for it in my own children. I have seen it many times before in other children in my family, so it wasn't something that was worrisome. And his sight is fine. I'm not one of those parents who needlessly worry and will go to the doctor because of a minor bug bite.

      If the swelling hadn't gone down, or if it was getting worse and Alexander was uncomfortable (which he wasn't), then I would have taken him to the doctor.

      And his sight is perfect.


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