27 June 2011

Featured Artist - theaterclouds

You'll be able to tell Elly's work apart from everyone else's. You can totally see why! Her work is unlike anyone else's I've found on etsy so far.

"Aren't these just simple photographs?" you ask. "No," I reply, "they are not."

I make these images by inking yupo paper and cutting it into layers that I set up in a miniature theater. I play with the lights and filters to create atmosphere and then photograph the scenes. - Elly

Here are my favourites from theaterclouds:

You can go here to see the process of creating these fabulous works of art.

BONUS:: Due to the Canada Post lockout, theaterclouds cannot ship anything out right now (living in Owen Sound, Ontario). As a thank you for your patience, Elly will let you choose a second picture, and she will send you a 5x7 photograph of that picture! What a deal!

Many times I open up the etsy page, and I see one of her photographs on the front page - they are very unique and beautiful. I will get the one of the boats someday.

You can see more of theaterclouds on her website, blogflikr, and etsy accounts.

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