24 June 2011

Lots to Still be Done

My head has been buzzing with lots of new and crazy ideas for this Saturday's Keep and Collect Market. SO EXCITED!!! Unfortunately, I don't have the time (or materials) needed to do everything, so some things will have to wait.

My owls on etsy have sold, and I made these ones to replace them:

Much of my energy has been put towards a new project I've been planning and preparing for a while. I've made a few samples which are promising, but I need better supplies. I have been searching for the best materials to use, and I have found everything I want to use; however, I don't yet have everything. Which is a bummer. But I refuse to make a product with sub-par supplies. So it will have to wait. I'm super excited about it, though!

Here's what else I've been working on this week:

And that card inspired the new series I've been working on, called "Clumsy Red Owl". I think it's lots of fun!

These are three different scenes, and they will be individually framed. I've made one for Alexander's room. I've got a few made up for the Market on Saturday, so if you want one, you'd better get one before they're gone!

I've also been trying to get or make a sturdy business card holder. I've tried a few, but I find that they are constantly being tipped over, and I or others have to take the time to put them back up on the stand, and that's annoying. So I crocheted a little bowl, and they are going to sit in the bowl. And we'll see how that works.

I hope to see you there!


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  1. Shirley, your creativeness amazes me. Bah, I wish I had time to do this WITH you! Alas, I'll come and support you. Wonderful work!


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