17 October 2012

What You Made Link Up 37

I made a couple of pretty cool books this past week. Here are some of the pics.

This Monster Book for Girls is pretty large; approximately 7.25" x 9.75". It's a great vintage cover too!

And I'm really in love with this nautical journal; the cover is such a gorgeous blue-gray, and the blind emboss of the ship is enhanced with this lovely sheen, making the ship more noticable. One of my all-time favourites.

Last week's most viewed link was this lovely slouchy hat made by Zukas. I really love this seafoam green colour, and it look so comfy!

Here are a few more of my personal favourites:

Trees Hide


  1. Thanks so much SHirly for this weekly link up.

    LOVE that sweater vest from Zukas !

  2. Hi! I just found you through a killer critique thread on etsy where (ironically) you wrote about linking to your stuff as a great way to get found. Welp, I found you and am your newest follower! ;-)

    1. I always wonder where the new linkers find me... I really love your button bobby pins - super cute! Thanks for linking. :)


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