18 October 2012

My Favourite Fall Fashion :: Cardigans

I have lusted after this cardigan for two winters now. TWO!!! I love everything about it - the colour, the pattern, how cozy it looks, and HOW MUCH I WANT IT!!!

I like this cardigan because it looks like a trench coat - aren't those buttons awesome?

This light knitted cardigan would be great for those warmer autumn days.

I can totally see myself lounging around the house with this cardigan - the pockets are a plus!

I really love that pop of colour in this cardigan. There is also a tie that you can't see in this image, but that would be very helpful too, in case there is a gust of wind.

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  1. I d not like cold weather, but I do like my very old fashioned "sweater" as I call it. People who see my favorite say "Is that from when you were in high school?" LOL I tell them "NO! I was lucky enough to find this recently!" I love the old fashioned cable knit. The two deep pockets and the big brown button on it.

    I really like some you have shown here too


    1. The cable knit is my favourite too!

  2. I love that first sweater, too. In fact, I put that one in a treasury last autumn!

    1. It's so gorgeous! I hope to be able to purchase it one day...

  3. I love love love that dove grey knit 3rd from the top! That is gorgeous!

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