09 October 2012

On a search for caves.

Sunday was Thanksgiving, making yesterday a holiday. And the weather was BEAUTIFUL! so we went on a little adventure with another family we are friends with.

We finally got a decent family photo taken - I only wish Alexander and I had taken off our sunglasses.

Our beautiful friends, the Ross family.

taking a break from all the walking, eating a snack.

SUCH a beautiful day.

Alexander the adventurer, climbing the rocks.

We found the cave! Alexander loved being there.

He was an expert climber. except when he wasn't.

Halway through our walk, heavier clouds rolled in. Thankfully, it wasn't rainclouds.

Whenever Isabel was out of the stoller, she would be going in the opposite direction, sitting on the trail and throwing the pebbles, eating the sticks - you know, being Isabel. So for the majority of the time, she was in her stoller. And this is the look she would give me, begging me to let her out; which sometimes worked... followed by regret of doing so. But despite being in the stroller for the majority of the hike, she really enjoyed herself.

It was a dazzlingly beautiful day, with great friends, wonderful weather, and exhilerating adventure.
Trees Hide

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  1. What beautiful pictures....sounded like a wonderful day....so nice with good friends! Glad they could take your pictures....


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