29 October 2012

Featured Artist :: Blue Room Pottery

I just LOVE handmade pottery, don't you? I wish I knew how to do this, and I know I could learn, through classes and whatnot. However, our budget (and my time) doesn't give me a chance to take a class. So I just spend (about half) of my time on Etsy drooling over pottery pieces like these from Blue Room Pottery:

The listings for these birds say they are thanksgiving birds, but I can easily see them being used for Christmas - just fill them with tinsel!

 I am totally drooling over these bowls. I love the colours and the roughness of the outside of the bowls... AMAZING!

And who doesn't love a good yarn bowl? My children would destroy this in seconds, so I'll probably have to wait until they are older before I venture into purchasing beautiful, but breakable yarn bowls...

Head on over to Blue Room Pottery for more beautiful pottery.

Trees Hide


  1. Looks fantastic :) ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those bowls are beautiful!! They would be pretty just for display even. Like art! Thanks for sharing this shop! ;-)

  3. Ooooh, so beautiful!! Thank you so much for featuring my work, it looks so nice in your beautiful blog!! xxxx

    I will share this :)


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