26 October 2012

My Favourite Fall Fashion :: Boots

Before, boots have always seemed to be a winter foot covering, or rubber boots for rainy days, that's all. Boots were not that big a part of my wardrobe. But man, I wish now they would have a larger roll, because they're pretty awesome!

Cowboy boots are just so much fun, aren't they? And the picture just oozes "happy", doesn't it?

These boots look so comfy! I can't see them as being too practical, though. What happens if you accidentally step in a puddle? But I guess fashion isn't supposed to always be practical, should it?

Knee-high boots would be so much fun! I also love the colour of these boots.

And these boots just look so classic, it seems to be a must in every boot wardrobe.

Trees Hide

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  1. That first picture is perfect!!! That would make me want those boots! And the knee high ones are killer! ;-)

    1. I know! I love that picture, so it HAD to be in this post!


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