10 October 2012

Halloween :: Candy Ideas


I found a bunch of Halloween candy ideas on Pinterest. These are the more creative, yet simple, things you can do to be "Halloweeny".

Dress up your candy!

I think these would look really cute - I just might do these to hand out at work, or maybe Jeff can hand these out at the youth group.

Mummy chocolate bars - I know you wouldn't want to eat them - they look like dead people. You'd be better off giving them to me. lol
These look positively divine. Who wouldn't want some of these ultra gourmet candy apples?

And here are some really creative ways to hand out your candy to Halloweeners (is that what they're called?)

This cat looks great - I think it's paper mache?

I like this idea, that way the kids could choose a trick or a treat! (I wouldn't put the "OR" as a box)

I think this is my favourite way to hand out candy - this way the kids will have to reach in the pumpkin head to get the candy - gross!

Trees Hide


  1. These are great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing them! :)

    1. I'm glad you like them Colleen! Are you going to try any of these ideas? Or do you have your yearly decorations? -Shirley

  2. Wow, those apples look so beautiful and so delicious!
    Awesome list:)



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