23 October 2012

Halloween :: Costumes for Adults

There's something about Halloween costumes that get me a little excited. I'm not talking about the "sexy" costumes that so many women/girls get for Halloween - I'm talking about a real Halloween costume, like the ones pictured below.


I would LOVE to do this for Halloween at my work. But I'm working at the reception desk right now, and for a client-based company, maybe this wouldn't be exactly the best - it would totally freak some of the older people out, wouldn't it?

This one reminds me of Dexter, but in a sweet, home-maker/psychopath sort of way.

This one is really sort of creepy.

And this one is just plain awesome. The shark ingesting its prey. boi-hahahaha! *evil laugh*

These would all be super awesome costumes for Halloween. But I have yet to decide what to be. I'll keep you posted.

Trees Hide


  1. Love that first one! That is relatively easy to do and freakin' terrifying!

    1. Have you done it before, Jamie? I would LOVE to see those pictures! :)


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