15 October 2012

Featured Artist :: Fort Remington

DJ is a 5th generation wood worker, although she is the first female in that line. She spent her childhood with her father, working alongside him in his woodshop. I love the fact that each piece that DJ makes is from salvaged wood, and each piece is made by hand, not machine.
Here are a few of my favourites from Fort Remington:

This spoon would be perfect for spooning out that extra scoop of noodles from chicken noodle soup!

I just love the finish on these salad prongs!

Who doesn't want a spatula with holes - I can see myself using this to lift up our baked tilapia from the baking stone - letting all the liquid drip through the holes!

I just love this little spoon! It would make a perfect spoon to use with our evening tea.

Trees Hide

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