01 August 2011

Product Review - TZ Burps!

I had entered to win a custom owlet from TZ Burps on the A Little Etsy Love blog a while ago. AND I WON!!! This was my first online win, and I hope to have many more! Tara emailed me right away to ask me for what I wanted and for my mailing address. I knew exactly what I wanted. She was going on a quick vacation, but after that she said she would start working on it right away.

And a week and a half later, I GOT IT!!! He was safely zipped in a Ziploc bag to keep him safe from any water damage (not that we needed to worry about that!), and he came with some business cards and a hand-written note from Tara. I knew both of my kids would like it so much, which is why I entered this giveaway in the first place. And boy, was I right! Alexander pleaded for the owl as soon as I took it out of the envelope. When Isabel woke up from her nap - as soon as she was on the floor crawling, she made a bee-line right to the owl and promptly starting chewing on it's ears. It was adorable! Alexander didn't want to share at first, but I told him that he could have the owl when Izzy didn't want it. So whenever Isabel isn't playing with the owl, Alexander is!

I couldn't get Alexander to hold still long enough for me to take a picture of him with the owl. So this one picture with Izzy will have to do.

The owl (we don't have a name for him yet) is so soft and plush, it's a great toy for a child of any age! It's easy for Isabel to hold him, and she really does love gnawing on his ears. Alexander sleeps with him every night. I'm really pleased that I won him. I probably will have to purchase another owl once Isabel and Alexander are both sleeping with plush toys. I'm not sure of what colours I will pick for the next one; we'll figure that out with the time comes.

If you want to purchase your own custom-coloured plush owl, you can go here. I think it's a great price for a handmade toy, and shipping is really not expensive either! Tara also makes other plush creatures (birds, fish, bunnies, and monsters), really beautiful baby items, and child hair clips.

Tara was great at communicating with me about what I wanted, and she was really friendly. You can definitely expect an order from me in the future!



  1. This is just wonderful! Thank-you so much for your kind words. It is very rewarding for me to receive feedback such as this and the picture is priceless! My friend's daughter likes to chew the ears too! Why is that? My dog likes them so much I had to make her one with a squeaker in it last Christmas. Thanks again!

  2. Very nice review! Congratulations Tara!


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