31 August 2011


Yes, both of my children have a cold right now. How they got it, I don't know. Isabel got it first, and since Alexander is always kissing his sister - who is constantly slobbering - he has the cold now too. They are both happy, though, until they are in bed. That's when they decide to start wailing. at. the. same. time.

Alexander has also been coming up the stairs to our bedroom on the third floor to "nuggle" with mommy. More like take up all the room on the mattress! I'm seriously considering putting the baby gate in the doorway that leads up to our bedroom... but maybe Alexander will start whining because he can't get up, then that wakes up Isabel too, who starts crying, then I have to walk down those steep steps in the dark and somehow climb over the baby gate without tripping or waking Jeffery up. hmmm. now that's a dilemma!

On Saturday, Jeffery was working the Omni booth at the Peach Festival. We went last year with Alexander, and let me tell you, I will not go again with a child who needs to sit in a stroller. The ground is so bumpy, and our stroller's wheels are about to pop off at any moment, so I would rather not risk it. There are so many people who go there, it's so crowded, it's just that much more difficult with two small children. So our friend Tracey watched the kids at her place while I went to see Jeff at the end of his shift. We walked around, looking at the vendor's booths, talking to a few of them. It was really nice to be out in public with Jeff and no children. no strollers. no whining. Can you tell I need a vacation? lol

But we did pick up a small basket of peaches. Each year I would buy peaches, and they would not be completely ripe yet. So I would let them sit for a while before I would try to use them at all, and they would all be bruised and too-ripe by the time I got to them. But this year, I tried something else. I put the peaches between two towels, not touching, with the stem down, and left them in the corner. Now, they are ripe! Some a bruised, but that's probably from people poking at them. But they mostly are good. So today I will be cutting them up and freezing some and eating some...

Nothing else interesting happened this week. With sick kids, you don't get much done. Jeffery has been working, and I've been run ragged through my days and sleepless nights. The laundry from Saturday is still not folded - well, I folded the kids' laundry yesterday afternoon. Our laundry is still in the baskets in our bedroom. Now all our clothes are wrinkled. oh well, it brings character to your wardrobe, right?

Isabel has been insistent that she learns to walk over the supports that are under the table. She's been crawling to them and trying to climb over them. grr. She has also discovered how to climb the steps. Jeff found her yesterday on the third step, going to the second floor. grr. This girl is going to give me a heart attack!

Oh, yeah, this is funny! I tried to feed a different food to Isabel. I've been giving her just one food at a time (like squash or sweet potatoes, etc.), but I tried to give her potatoes, vegetables and beef the other day. This was the result:

She would eat it, but she would give this face every time. lol  I will have to be creative, I think, when it comes to giving Isabel the rest of the food. I'll probably put in little bits with other food.

Well, that's all. Have a great week, folks!

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