26 August 2011

Work-Filled Week

I was quite busy this past week. For The Orange Windmill, I've made at least one book a day, to get my inventory up for the shows that are coming up. My aunt Arlene gave me some leather pieces that she wasn't going to use, and they are great! Thanks again, Arlene! I've made three books from that leather already. I really do love book binding. Here is my favourite:

I love using the natural edge of the leather for the top cover of the books - it looks so rugged and rustic.

I've also made a new banner for the shop (the picture with the shop name on it - sort of like a shop sign). And I LOVE IT!!! Who knew I could do that?!? I certainly didn't until I did it. Now I want to make shop banners for everyone! lol  So if you have a shop banner you want redone, just let me know! Here's what my original one was:

And here is the new one:

See? Isn't it just WAY better? I think so.

My mom has asked me to make a bunch of decorative paper clips with the Home with a Heart logo on them, so she can use them as freebies for her promotional table. The font fits perfectly with the punch I'm using, so it's all good. My mom has some paper that she wants me to use - a specific colour, I believe, so I'm not going to make any more until I get that. I do have to get another box of paper clips.

I've been busy making bibs. I've made 3 bibs for Isabel, and I'm making bibs for Ken and Anne's babies. That ball of cotton yarn is certainly going a long way! After I'm done the bibs, I am going to make some newborn beanie hats for the babies. Just because. They already have some hats, but I'm going to make some anyway. Just in case their heads get cold. :) But I'm not going to show you any pictures, because if Anne reads this, and sees pictures, then she will know how many she will have. ha! Not like it's going to be a surprise anyway. Oh well.

I'm also busy designing some Christmas cards for this year's Christmas selection in my For Any Occasion shop (and for shows). I just have to make the time to actually make them. They will take some time, since they are not the usual 5.5" x 4.25" card that I make. I'm going all out this year! I can't wait to be able to see them made up - instead of in my head all the time!

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  1. I love the leather bound journals!
    (new EBT follower ) :)

  2. Your new banner is great. It's awesome to see what a little photoshopping can do to fix up our photos, isn't it? I'm a new follower! Happy to find another Canadian blogger.

  3. Shirley, I knew you could do it - you constantly seem amazed at your skill, but it's so evident to the rest of us. Keep it up!


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