29 August 2011

Featured Artist - Sweet Home Boutique

Today's artist is phenomenal! I was really hoping to be doing a product review instead of a feature (which would mean that I have something from this wonderfully tempting shop), but, alas, I do not. So we will have to content ourselves with a feature. But a product review WILL come. eventually.

Rachel, the genius behind Sweet Home Boutique, has always been creating. She lived the first three years of her life in a log cabin that her father built (yeah, I know!); they also lived in an old one room schoolhouse! That's very "Little House on the Prairie", right? Rachel's mother is an artist. So creative juices has always been flowing through her veins. Once you see her work, I am sure you will understand.

Here are just a few my favourites from her shop. If I were to post all of my favourites, I would be showing practically everything in her store! lol

I want to get each of these items, especially the last tunic shirt, I think. I love the empire waist and the sleeves that go down to the elbow (that will hide the flabbies!). And the material Rachel used to make this tunic shirt is gorgeous! The gingham dress in the first picture is also gorgeous - another coveted creation.

You can see/read more about Rachel and her work on her blog and facebook page.

Pop on over to Sweet Home Boutique on Etsy and let me know which is your favourite!

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