19 August 2011


I have finally finished Jeff's scarf! YAY! I finished it late last night. The scarf is about 7" wide and 5' 6" long, which is pretty good, I think. I just used up the remaining ball of yarn to make this scarf. I think Jeff was hoping that the scarf would be 6', but it's pretty close, I think.

It's a super warm scarf, though. My neck was starting to sweat by the time I got the picture taken.

I've started on crocheting some bibs for Isabel (and for Ken & Anne's twins, if they want some). I'm going to use the cotton yarn my mom gave me to make the bibs; I'm just going to keep going until the yarn is gone. Cotton yarn is great! After the bibs are done, I plan to get some dark brown 100% cotton yarn (maybe wool?) so I can make some winter hats. I am also interested in trying to make a cowl - a sort of scarf that is more of a circle than a strip. It would be great for those people who have to constantly rearrange their scarf. I already have a great scarf for winter, so I think it will be a gift... for who?

I've made a few more items for For Any Occasion. I am in the process of designing and making more items for the Christmas category in my shop - and the upcoming shows I'm going to be in.

I've also made a few more journals for The Orange Windmill. I have enough leather lace (the closure) for only one more journal, so I'm going to have to find another way to close the journals. I have two ideas, so keep an eye out for those!

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