08 August 2011

Featured Artist - LoxlyHollow

Elizabeth, the resident artist of Loxly Hollow is FULL of talent! In southern California, Elisabeth majored in piano performance (same as my sister, Anne!), and now she's studying the law. Smart lady!

My favourite quote from her: "I think the saddest thing is when people are born old and without a sense of humor. I love playing with my friends, imaginary and real, and I think it's the finest thing in the world to stay a child at heart."

Here are a few of my favourites from her shop. There are SO MANY, but these few will have to suffice:

would definitely LOVE to get the first one, with that adorable elephant and rabbit balancing on the balloon. But with all of Elisabeth's beautiful illustrations, so full of whimsy, it's hard to pick a favourite!

Pop on over to her shop, and take a look! Let me know which one you like best!


  1. The owl and the pussycat in the boat is a cute one, so is the one with the ducklings scrubbing the turtle in it's barrel bath. :)

  2. Adorable art!



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