17 August 2011

These Ants Are Driving Me Crazy!

So, the tiny ants are no longer wandering around our kitchen, which is nice. But the big, juicy black ants are still coming in. And they are FAST!!! They are also getting into the office, which is on the second floor. Maybe they are coming in through the window, which is directly above the back door, which is where the ants are coming in through to the kitchen. I do take a lot of pleasure in squishing them. I'm even showing Alexander, so that he might squish any that he sees, but my son is not all that observant yet.

I killed the biggest one I've seen so far, so hopefully that was their commander, and now they will leave. (yeah right!) As soon as we can save up for it, though, I want to take the door up and block up the wall. It is something we want to get done eventually anyway, it would just be done a bit sooner than anticipated.

Jeffery left for Connecticut this morning. Every year in August, Basement Systems holds a convention for all of their "franchises" all over North America. Jeff will be gone until Sunday. boo-hoo. I'll be here all by myself. But I won't be bored, not with two children! But perhaps I'll get a visitor or two? *hint, hint*

This morning I took Alexander to the dermatologist for the eczema he had on his body for a year and a half. But he doesn't have it now. I think he just grew out of it. I'm sort of expecting Isabel to get it too, since all three of us have had eczema sometime in our lives. And it wasn't a completely wasted visit. Since the dermatologist has finally seen Alexander, if the eczema ever flares up again, there won't be a 7 month wait! BONUS!!!

Last Thursday was Anne's baby shower. I had so much fun! I talked about it a bit on Friday's post, but only to show what I made for the shower. There were 50 women there (not including Anne or any babies). I think, all in all, it was a great success. Heather was a great host, and she did a wonderful job coordinating all the games, giving all the instructions clearly and succinctly.

We played lots of games (the baby clothespin game, baby bingo, twin scramble, baby animals, and guessing the girth units). There was lots of food (though, we could have had more, considering all those who came!) and punch. All in all, it was a great evening. Everyone I spoke to said they enjoyed themselves.

That evening, my youngest sister, Karen, told me that she and Aaron GOT ENGAGED!!! They're getting married! I'm so very thrilled for them. Connor and Mary (Aaron's kids) are excited too, which is great. There is no specific date set yet, as far as I know, but they are planning on sometime next fall, or sometime around then. I wish I had gotten a better picture of Karen that night, but I didn't.

Isabel has learned this week how to walked along the furniture! She doesn't do it very well yet, but she's going to master the technique pretty soon, I think! She's also put it in her mind that once she's standing up, she can walk around, like her big brother. So she gets up and tries to walk away from what she's holding on to! There were a few times where she wobbled for about 3 seconds before she fell, but fall she does. I really do need a helmet for this kid!

Isabel is also beginning to crawl on top of short boxes to get to something. She crawled onto Alexander's potty to get something from the coffee table (they are right beside each other) that she couldn't reach while standing on the floor! I really have to keep my eyes open with this one!

Alexander LOVED the leftover cupcakes from the shower.

I remember when Anne was in grade 6, she had Mr. DeHaan for her teacher. Then I had Mr DeHaan the next year. (I'm not sure why, but the spelling looks off to me. I'm sorry if I spelled his last name incorrectly.) And he had no idea that we were sisters until the end of the year, when he asked me why Anne and I had the same last name. I don't think anyone would have an issue figuring out that these two are siblings. And yes, Alexander the 3 year old, is sitting in the exersaucer.

That's all for now!

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  1. We had ants in our last apartment one spring -- tiny ones crawling all over the office area! It was horrifying. But we found they were all coming in through one little hole in the wood floor underneath Scott's desk. So we put a container over it with some poison underneath and a heavy book or two on top and that got rid of them. Maybe you can find a solution that easily but I think we might just have been lucky! Hope you can get it fixed soon.


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