12 August 2011


I've been busy this week making things for Anne's shower, which was last night. We had a lot of fun! Anyhoo.

I made 30 "thank you" cards as a present for Anne. But I forgot to take any pictures of them. :( I also made some confetti for the cake table - yellow 3D paper flowers and tiny hearts.

I also made cupcake toppers. I had made them red because yellow would be harder to see. I wish I had been able to do them yellow (that way everything would have matched!), but I couldn't.

The diaper cakes were absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Seeing that my mom made them (there were two), perhaps that's where I got my creativity.

Not only does my mom make a gorgeous diaper cake, she also makes the best chocolate covered peanut butter balls IN THE WORLD!!!

I've also made a few more journals to add to my etsy shop for The Orange Windmill.

And I've finished crocheting some leg warmers. You know in the winter, sometimes you get the cold going between your socks and pants? Well, I made some leg warmers to keep that from happening! They look pretty stupid, but they were my first try, and they were done without a pattern. And they are only for me, and no one will really see them (unless they are peering up the legs of my pants), so I don't really care!

And yes, my right foot is really that much smaller than my left. It's kind of creepy, actually.

I am using the same yarn (100% cotton) to make Jeff's scarf. The one he has is thin and small and it sucks. So he asked me to make one for him. I would make one from acrylic yarn, but I find that it makes my skin really itchy, so I will make it with cotton. Which also means I have to make new fingerless gloves, since my first ones were made with acrylic yarn. I had them on one day, and my skin got really itchy. At least I can crochet another pair with more confidence.

Anyhoo. That was my week, creatively. What about you?



  1. I made diaper cakes and peanut butter balls. The diaper cakes will stay in the basement all bagged up for someone to use for another shower (baby or wedding) The peanut butter balls are all gone. Boy they didn't last long.

  2. You've been way more creative than I have! I've been gearing up to write in my new leather journal (yay!), but writing that first sentence in such a lovely book is intimidating. (That should actually be my first sentence.) I'm still trying to figure out what creative activity I can accomplish this weekend.


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